Gas Heaters


Bromic Portable LP


Heat Output – Coverage of up to 180ft² it delivers a widespread heat field of up to 12ft wide and 15ft deep

Versatility – Unique adjustable heat control ensures comfortable heat.
Efficiency: High intensity ceramic burner, delivering optimal heat with minimal heat loss

Wind Resistance: Specifically built patented technology that provides constant and consistent heat in any environment

Directional Heat: Innovative adjustable tilting head ensures warmth goes exactly where you want it

Modular Design:Functional and pragmatic, the it can easily be assembled, dismantled and stored

Maneuverability: Anti-tilt structure with built-in wheels for easy movement

About this Series:
Introducing the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Heater. The BHP180 delivers the most heat coverage of any freestanding unit, more than 15ft of coverage. The BHP180 has a very unique look, aesthetically the most stylish looking unit on the market.


Bromic Tungsten

Model MSRP
Tungsten 300 $1,110
Tungsten 500 $1,270

Attractive black finish
Universal bracket — easy upgrade from 300 to 500 model.No additional plumbing or wiring required.
Bi-directional easy-pivot arm — 25° rotation each side.
Electronic ignition — one or multiple units can be switched on and off simultaneously from a single remote-located switch.
Automatic re-ignition — should the heater not re-ignite for any reason, the integrated “Flame Failure Safety Shut-off Control” turns the heater off immediately.
Stainless steel casing — components are protected from tampering. Assists in preventing dirt and dust from accumulating on the wiring and components.
Min. distance to combustible materials-Sides: 3.6’ / 1100mm.
(without heat deflector)2-Above (to ceiling): 3’6’ / 1100mm.
(with heat deflector)-Above (to ceiling): 1’2” / 1100mm.
Mounting height requirement to ground3-8’ / 2438mm.
BTU’s: 26000
Gas Connection: 1/2″ NPT Female
Electrical Connection: 3-Pin Insulated Plug

About this Series:
Tungsten Smart-Heat – 300 Series Patio Heater, Item # BH0210001. The Tungsten Smart Heat 300 series patio heater delivers a slick style for outdoor patio heat. Delivering an impressive 26,000 BTU’s, this heater uses 3 burners that emit a red glow for an impressive look. For larger patio areas, the Tungsten Smart Heat series is also available in a 500 series.


Bromic Platinum

Model MSRP
Platinum 300 $1,434
Platinum 500 $1,624

Platinum Smart-Heat – 300 Series Patio Heater, Item # BH0110001 The Platinum Smart Heat series provides an impressive look to match its performance. Its construction is made of stainless steel which provides a higher level of wind resistance. Fueled by either LPG or gas, the ceramic medium makes Platinum Smart-Heat suitable for residential and commercial use.

About this Series:
The Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas range represents the absolute pinnacle of outdoor heating products, combining elegant aesthetics with industry-leading performance to offer value and reliability to premium venues and homes. Able to directionally project a comfortably diffused radiant heat deeply into open outdoor spaces, the Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas is the only gas heater in the world that utilizes glass-ceramic technology to manipulate infrared energy while achieving unparalleled wind resistance..

The Platinum series of radiant patio heaters by Bromic Heating have the highest wind rating of any gas patio heater on the market.